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The Safest Turnkey Cleaning Service for Silos, Bins, Bunkers, Transport,
and Process Vessels

Trust your most difficult silo cleaning project to Mole•Master™.More than half of all silo cleaning projects are of medium difficulty, requiring the expertise of a silo cleaning services company.Mole•Master™ silo cleaning services are provided by highly trained technicians utilizing a full range of specialty equipment including our proprietary Big•Mole Service™, the Junior 360º™ and the Arch•Master™ to free bridged, ratholed, lumpy, or hydrated materials.

Virtually any silo or bulk storage vessel can suffer from clogging or blockage, and virtually any type of material can be involved, whether it is cement, chemicals, coal, or grain. Depending on the variables, a project can be categorized as LDD (low degree of difficulty), MDD (medium degree of difficulty), or HDD (high degree of difficulty). Sixty percent of projects fall into the MDD category, while the remainder is either LDD or HDD.

Mole•Master offers the BigMole Service™, the only turnkey silo cleaning service that can handle HDD projects on a reliable and consistent basis. Big•Mole benefits include versatility, total material recovery, and non-sparking equipment.

From initial planning to project execution and de-mobilization,
Mole•Master brings engineered solutions and professional project
management to your silo cleaning and bin material build-up problems.

Our silo cleaning services free up your valuable resources, both manpower and
equipment, to do more productive tasks.

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Let Mole•Master™ handle your silo cleaning project so that you can focus on other tasks.

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