Mole-Master Services Corporation

Specialized Services to Safely Free Materials and Suppress

Existing Hot Spots or Fires Located in Bulk Storage or Process Vessels

Mole•Blasters™ Liquid Carbon Dioxide Blasting - Non-Explosive and Safe for Materials

When it comes to bulk storage, you can't let anything keep you from getting to your materials. Whether you are storing raw materials or finished product, blockages in your storage facilities can keep you from getting what you need when you need it.

By delivering a high-pressure blast at key spots in your storage silos, Mole•Blasters™ lets you clear chokes and bridges quickly. Because Mole•Blasters™ uses the rapid expansion of inert carbon dioxide gas - not explosives - the result is a pushing action that breaks compacted material along its natural line of cleavage, without the destructive element of explosives.

Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression

Utilizing mobile ambient air vaporizers in conjunction with liquid carbon dioxide tankers, storage vessels can be purged of oxygen, thereby extinguishing or controlling an existing hot spot or fire located in a bulk storage or process vessel.


Fire Suppression & Extinguishing Using Chemicals

For situations requiring the use of chemicals, Mole•Master provides fire suppression and extinguishing services tailored to meet the unique needs for such applications.

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